8 high - protein vegetables to build muscle

That makes it the fruit with the highest protein content. What's more, it's rich in folic acid (aka vitamin B9), which plays an important role in absorbing protein. 

Sunflower sprouts, as well as wheatgrass, contain all essential amino acids in a perfect balance that are easy to digest and are readily available. 

They are an excellent and economical source of leucine, one of the three amino acids used by muscles to give energy during exercise and thought to improve muscle growth.

After a workout, potatoes can replenish carbs quickly, and topped with protein, such as Greek yoghurt or low-fat chilli, help repair muscle fibres.

chemicals in spinach do help to build muscles, speeding up the body's conversion of protein into muscle mass.

Specifically, he reported, beet juice can promote continuous endurance during exercise, and the current study's findings now add that it also supports high-intensity muscular force production as well.

Kale has more protein per calorie than fatty cuts of beef, so you can build and repair your muscles without the risk of gaining fat.

Peas are an underrated source of muscle building protein and muscle fuelling starch.