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Dr. Dilip Chaurasia

  1. Urologist, Allahabad

Dr. Amit Tripathi

  1. DNB, MS
  2. Urologist, Allahabad
  3. 9 Years Experience

Dr. Vipul Tandon

  1. MBBS, MS – General Surgery, Mch-Uro
  2. Urologist, Allahabad
  3. 28 Years Experience

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Dr. Sidharth

  1. Urologist, Allahabad

Dr. Anurag Singh

  1. Urologist, Allahabad

Services provided by Urologists:

Cystoscopy Treatment

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Enlarged Prostate Treatment

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Urogynaecology Service

Urine Stone Treatment

Urinary Tract Obstruction Treatment

Adult Urology Treatment

Sensitive Bladder Treatment

Andrology Treatment

Urine Leakage Treatment

Kidney Stone Treatment

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Renal Failure Treatment

Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Pediatric Urology Problem Treatment

Pediatric Respiratory Treatment

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Pediatricians For Infectious Disease Treatment

Minimally Invasive Urology Treatment

Blood in Urine Treatment

Bladder Stones Treatment

Pediatric Asthma Treatment

Pediatric Jaundice Treatment

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

Who are urologists?

 Urologists specialize in diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections, which help keep the body healthy by filtering toxins and waste products. The urinary tract includes the bladder. Kidneys. Ureters. The urethra. A urologist can also help with gynecological diseases.


What to do if I have some symptoms that match the urinary disease?

IF you have any inkling as to what may be causing your symptoms, be sure to divulge that to your doctor. He or she may be able to rule out many of those possibilities. If you are told what is the most common cause of your symptoms, but that doesn’t seem to make sense to you, be sure to follow up with “What next?

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Do I need to be screened for prostate cancer?

A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test and digital rectal exam are recommended by the American Urological Association for men aged 50-75. African-American men and men with a family history of prostate cancer are also advised to begin screening regularly.

Why does it burns when I pee?

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Painful urination is a common symptom of urinary tract infection (UTI). UTI can be the effect of a bacterial condition. It may also be due to inflammation of the urinary tract. The urethra, bladder, ureter, and kidneys form your urinary tract.

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Should I be worried if I pee yellow?

Food can also be a factor. The tint of all-natural edibles can interact with pigment to create a different color. Extremely processed foods can contain high amounts of food dye. This dye will work with pigment as well. If you do not apply water properly after exercise, it can also lead to dehydration and dark urine. Excessive exercise without proper hydration can cause serious side effects that lead to muscle wasting. Rare evidence suggests that bright yellow urine may be the first sign of pregnancy. These claims are not supported by studies.

In what ways can I keep our urinary tract healthy?

Ans: Do not wait too long to use the toilet. Holding urine can put pressure on your bladder which can lead to infection.
2. Pay close attention to hygiene – avoid harsh soaps and make sure you wash well after swimming in pools or pools.
3. Avoid foods that may irritate the bladder. If you have an overactive or sensitive allergy, avoid carbonated beverages and caffeine, and alcoholic beverages.
4. Stay clean. Consume an abundance of water throughout the day to maintain a normal urine pattern. This works to remove any trash products from your system.
5. 5. Consult your doctor if you suspect there is something wrong.

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Food to eat to avoid urinary-related disease?

Ans: Berries promote urinary tract health and provide protection from important compounds that help fight germs and keep them from sticking to the urinary tract. Another way to get a large number of berries in your diet is to use smoothies.
Water. Consuming plenty of water is one of the best things for your urinary and digestive systems. Drinking adequate water helps to get rid of germs in the urinary tract, which controls the infection and helps to digest food regularly.
Consider sprinkling your water with fruit, cucumber slices, or a piece of fresh mint.
Eating yogurt and other dairy products (fermented with “good” bacteria) regularly can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections by as much as 80 percent. When choosing a yogurt, it is important to look at the packaging statement “it contains living and active cultures.” Yogurt contains good bacteria and active ingredients that help prevent certain diseases and strengthen the immune system. Yogurt is an effective way to keep your digestive system working properly.

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