The Top 5 Best Sexologists in Lucknow are experts in human sexuality and possess certain knowledge and skills. They learn about people’s sexual behavior, feelings, and interactions, and help them integrate any problems they may have with their sexual experiences, to improve their lives.

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The Top 5 Best Sexologists in Lucknow are:

Dr. Ravi Singh

1. Sexologists

2. He Completed BHMS MD and (MD – Homoeopathy
, Sexologist )

3. He has studied B.H.M.S. from Foster Developments Homeopathic Medical College, Aurangabad .

4. He completed his M.D. in Homeopathy from Sri Sai Nath P.G. Institute of Homeopathy, Allahabad.
Dr. A. K. Jain

1. Sexologist
2. He Completed BAMS (Ayurveda
, Sexologist )

3. He completed BAMS from Nikhil Bhartivarshia Ayurvedic Vidhyapeetham, Delhi 
Dr. Aditya Kumar Sharma

1. Sexologist

2. He Completed MBBS, MS , MCh (MS – General Surgery) and MCh (Sexologist).

3. He is practicing at Super specialty hospitals in New Delhi in both government and a private sector. 

Dr. Bharat Ratna Pandey

1.  Sexologist

2. He Completed B.H.M.S.
(Homoeopath, Sexologist )

3. He is an Sexologist at Bharati
Vidyapeeth Deemed University,
Pune a renowned medical college of
Dr. Sankalp Jain


2. He Completed MBBS (Sexologist)

3. He has completed his internship at the prestigious King George’s Medical College, Lucknow

Services provided by the Top 5 Best Sexologists in Lucknow

  • Curved Penis Treatment
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Erection Problems Treatment
  • Hypogonadism Treatment
  • Male Infertility treatment
  • Male Sexual Problems Treatment
  • Masturbation Addiction Treatment
  • Penile Disorders Treatment
  • Treatment of Small Penis Size
  • Treatment of Nightfall
  • Treatment Of Male Sexual Problems
  • Premature Ejaculation Treatment
  • Sexual Weakness Treatment
  • Sexual Disorders

Who is a sexologist?

The sex therapist addresses issues affecting relationships and intimacy and offers personalized interventions to get the most out of your relationship. Update From Lybrate: Because of the pressures and stresses of life, sexual pleasure is a dream come true for many.


Ques 01: When should I visit a sexologist?

1. If you do not enjoy sex or have trouble with orgasms
2. If you are confused about your gender
3. If the speed of your sexual relationship is not right for you
4. You prefer to do it alone often
5. Your body does not cooperate during sex
6. Problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature urination, vaginal dryness, and painful sex 7. can lead to embarrassment, anxiety, and dissatisfaction in both of you. These can be treated if you visit and get help from a sexual counselor.

Ques 02: What should I do about my premature ejaculation?

The first step in finding the right solution to premature ejaculation is to gain a clear understanding of what the normal functioning of sex is and to find out what the real problem is. Some men have unrealistic expectations and see 40 minutes as the normal time when a man should be able to hold an erection before ejaculating (as shown in porn movies but remember it is done and after all, it is a film). This may not be the case for you and you may have a really fast ejaculation. But how fast it depends on what you (and your sexual partner) want. Solutions do exist but it all depends on what the real problem is. Some additional information you can learn about premature ejaculation is by visiting your sexologists.

Ques 03: Food that enhances sexual performance?

1. beef
2. pork
3. baked beans
4. pumpkin seeds
5. cereals fortified with zinc
6. carnitine
7. L-arginine
8. zinc
9. walnuts
10. pumpkin seeds
11. sunflower seeds
12. pecans
13. hazelnuts
14. peanuts
15. apples
16. strawberries
17. blueberries
18. dark-colored grapes
19. red wine
20. cherries
21. citrus fruits

Ques04: Habits that affect sex life?

Certain lifestyles can affect your sexual performance as well as drive:
1. Good nutrition keeps the body functioning properly. It also maintains balance hormones, including sex hormones, testosterone, and estrogen.
2. Depression has become part of modern life, and it is detrimental to one’s health and sexual drive. High levels of stress have been shown to reduce testosterone levels in the body.
3. Decreased sexual desire can be the result of an underactive thyroid gland. Prostate problems can result from poor lifestyle choices, among other medical reasons. It makes a woman feel tired and stressed all the time and also causes obesity.
4. Obesity from a sedentary lifestyle is a common cause of low self-esteem among women. Being obsessed with body image reduces their libido while also bringing with it a host of other health problems.
5.Exercise can enhance your work in bed, remember to always choose a healthy lifestyle over a lazy one.
6. Cigarettes and alcohol can also ruin your sex life choose wisely.
7. Chronic illnesses like blood pressure and diabetes can also affect your sex life.
8. Eating habits also play a major role when it comes to sex life. Healthy food choices lead to a sex-healthy life.


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